An approach to evaluate quantum authentication protocols


Quantum authentication protocols play a major role in Quantum Cryptography schemes because they ensure the origin of data or the identity of a party in the communication. In face of different definitions for such protocols, no systematic procedures to allow comparisons between them nor to define the resources required were defined in the literature. In the attempt to overcome this limitation, this paper presents an approach based on Quantum Communication Complexity that enables the eva- luation of quantum authentication protocols regarding the information exchanged between the parties – a characteristic present in every protocol. This approach can be applied in practical scenarios of Quantum Cryptography helping one to rank and choose the best protocol based on the communication resources available. Furthermore, this paper presents the results of the application of such approach in some quantum authentication protocols, increasing the knowledge about the existing literature.

In: X Congresso Brasileiro de Inteligência Computacional. Fortaleza, Ceará